Don't you worry. Barcelona


"I’m not saying I give the best hugs, but, I like to hug. I’m a cuddler."

He likes hug…

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thankful for the butterfly/it is what it is tattoos hallelujah praise jesus amen

Hallelujah praise jesus amen! #Bigup #Getere

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I am thankful for louis letting us know harry is really good with his hands

Such good…

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Djfkakfkakfk, it’s like he never will leave alone his babe…

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Louis saying he needs to wee on GMA.

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Who is Larry Stylinson?

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Ryan: What did you guys think of each other when you first met? Did you get along with one another when you guys first got together? (x)

#i love how he reacted to his name in louis’ voice leave me alone (x)

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Harry panting into the mic during “Midnight Memories.” (GMA, 26/11/13.) x

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What is the perfect English breakfast? (x)

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You just can come here for Larry post or weird's somethings.